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Pre-Med | Pre-Health
Do Pre-Med Right
Pre-MedPrep's admissions course and advising services take the guesswork out of planning, tracking, and applying to medical school

3 day money-back guaruntee

Align Your Academics

Select the "right" major, understand GPA, and choose the right coursework.

Gameplan Clinicals

Shadowing? EMT? Hospital Volunteer? Medical Scribe? Strategize extracurriculars.

Master the MCAT

Learn Strategies to land a 520+ on the MCAT standardized admissions test.

Pre-MedPrep keeps you on track.

3-day money back guaruntee

We Get What You're Up Against

As former premed students ourselves, we will never forget the paranoia and confusion with the admissions process. We worried about everything from choosing the right major to stacking up our extracurriculars and clinicals. 

That's why we created Pre-MedPrep, taking the guesswork out of medical school admissions. Let us simplify your journey to medical school through our course, which lays out all of the information necessary to thrive on your application. 

Pre-MedPrep is what we wished we had in our own premed journies because it:

Compiles and delivers all the pre-med information you need

Lays out concrete plans (rather than general unapplicable rules)

Gives you access to expert advisors who care

Let us take the guesswork out of your admissions journey

3-day money back guarantee

Created in Partnership with Alumni of —

Let Us Simplify Your Medical School Journey!
Medical school admissions is more competitive than ever before!
  • Over 63% of applicants are not admitted to any medical school they apply to every year
  • Average MCAT for the top 20 medical school is 520+ (97th percentile)
  • Top medical schools like Harvard and Stanford admit less than 3 of every 100 applicants!
Students must plan academics, MCAT, research, and clinical, and more from Day 1!
  • Putting together award-winning research, getting a top MCAT score, gathering clinical experiences, choosing the right classes, and building your "X-Factor" does not happen overnight!
  • Our course compiles and delivers all the information you need to excel from your first day of high school.
Looking to get started? Learn More.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this course run?
A: This course is administered via Google Classroom. This a platform that's highly intuitive and easy for students to understand. There are pre-recorded videos and guides that walk students through exactly how to plan and structure their pre-med journey, along with examples and templates. 

Q: What if I have a question? Whom can they talk to?
A: We utilize an easy-to-use platform called Padlet, for students to ask and answer questions. One of our instructors will respond to the student, typically within a couple of hours with a detailed and comprehensive response. They can also see responses to other students' questions. We are highly responsive and committed to ensuring that students get all of their questions answered.

Q: How long does this course take?

A: In total, it takes about 40-50 hours to complete this course on average. We have had successful students complete this course in as little as 2 weeks. However, the beauty of the course is that you may refer back to the content at any time!

Q: How long does the student get course access for?
A: If you buy the unlimited offer, the student receives unlimited access, for as long as they would like. There is no disadvantage to signing up early and getting access to materials! 

Q: Do you offer scholarships for low-income students?
A: Yes, with appropriate documentation. We have provided over $24K in scholarships thus far, and will continue to support low-income students. Every student is able to take advantage of our offering regardless of ability to pay. Medical school should NOT be "pay to play." Please email us at to find the scholarship application form.

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