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1-on-1 Advising and Tutoring
Our advisors have been extremely successful in their pre-med journey. They are excited to help you on yours! Services offered: 1-on-1 pre-med application advising, MCAT tutoring, essay editing.

Sach Thakker

Sach is a Medical student at Georgetown University School of Medicine. After high school, Sach attended the 8 year BS/MD program at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) studying Biology/General Business/Chemistry. After scoring in the 99th percentile on the MCAT he decided to apply to other medical schools and received several interview invites. He ultimately decided on Georgetown because of its strong residency match list and proximity to my home in Northern Virginia. He has extensive tutoring experience in general science courses, SATs and the MCAT. I also have experience with personal statement editing and extracurricular planning, especially for those interested in BS/MD programs and medical school.

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Vik Mahajan

Vik Mahajan is a medical student at University of Virginia School of Medicine. During his interview season, he interviewed at places such as Duke, Hopkins, WashU, UPitt, UVA, Rochester, and more. Vik has a wealth of research experience and has produced multiple publications (two first authors). During his spring breaks, one may find him in Honduras organizing health clinics in rural medically uncovered areas. Additionally, he founded a 501(c)(3) foundation to address the fentanyl overdose crisis. In the past, Vik has won awards such as the Fairfax County Peace Award and National Merit Vanderbilt University Scholarship. Vik scored a 520 on his MCAT among the 97th percentile. 


He has a passion for making the medical school journey straightforward for future students. He is more than happy to meet help you plan your pre-med journey.


David DiMeglio

David DiMeglio graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Chemistry and is a TJHSST alumnus. During his time at UVA, David conducted research furthering the development of chemical/biological technologies to provide insights into the pathophysiology of biomedical diseases. His research earned him the 2022 American Chemical Society Outstanding Student Award for UVA and the Harrison Undergraduate Research Scholarship. He recently achieved a first-author publication involving the computational prediction of dyes’ properties in Chemistry – A European Journal.

David currently works as a medical assistant at The Endocrinology Group. With a score of 520 on the MCAT, hundreds of hours of tutoring expertise, and medical interviews from schools such as Columbia/NYU/Rochester, David looks forward to passing down what he has learned along the road to achieving a medical school acceptance.

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