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Taking the Guesswork out of Pre-Medicine

At Pre-Med Prep, we want to make your path to medicine stress-free, from end to end.
Our process makes preparation for medical school simple and effective, starting from high school!

500+ Students
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Let Us Simplify Your Medical School Journey!
Medical school admissions is more competitive than ever before!
  • Over 63% of applicants are not admitted to any medical school they apply to every year
  • Average MCAT for the top 20 medical school is 520+ (97th percentile)
  • Top medical schools like Harvard and Stanford admit less than 3 of every 100 applicants!
Students must plan academics, MCAT, research, and clinical, and more from Day 1!
  • Putting together award-winning research, getting a top MCAT score, gathering clinical experiences, choosing the right classes, and building your "X-Factor" does not happen overnight!
  • Our course compiles and delivers all the information you need to excel from your first day of high school.
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